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A debate that has been getting a lot of attention is the one between Mavs owner Mark Cuban and “analyst” Skip Bayless on the show First Take.

Bayless, a notorious LeBron James hater, was trying to make a case that James wanted it more and played harder than Kevin Durant, and therefore won his first Larry O’Brien trophy because of it. Bayless said James was feeling the pressure more than any athlete because the intense scrutiny he has been under by media figures like himself.

Cuban contested (correctly I will add) that athletes don’t listen to people like Bayless when they go out on the court, before a big game (something Bayless took offense to).

Cuban also pointed out that the media tends to speak in generalities and often time don’t come with facts when telling a story (something unfortunately that is true as well.)

It was a lively debate and one worth watching. Cuban whipped up on Bayless and everyone comes away amused and entertained.

But anyone watching needs to remember one thing: IT’S FAKE!!!

There are two kinds of people that write editorials, those that believe what they say but see things differently. And those that don’t believe anything they are saying, but do it for shock value.

The latter is Skip Bayless. Bayless learned long ago that no one gives him any credibility when it comes to his sports knowledge so what he does is create an opinion that is so out there, people will leave thinking, “what the f&#k is he thinking?!”

And it has worked. Bayless has risen to promises saying things outlandish and stupid, lacking factual base and credibility, but people watch because they want to see what he will say next. He is entertaining to watch when he and Steven A Smith go at it, but you must remember it’s a show.

It’s all about entertainment, not opinions. Smith and Bayless meet before the show and probably agree on most things so they must focus on something that Skip will say that is outrageous. No one should believe anything Bayless says because he doesn’t. He knows how to play the villain better than any WWE character Vince McMahon could create.

What bothers me is when people start to take him seriously. He is an entertainer. Like the WWE the debates are staged! Bayless gave up long ago on being a credible journalist and people need to remember that. He is an entertainer now. Nothing more. He is an actor, in the same vain as the likes of Tom Cruise and Jennifer Aniston.

So people, watch smile and laugh at Bayless, but dont take anything he says seriously. The only person who does is Skip Bayless.

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