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Better late than never, college football fans yesterday got what they’ve been bitchin’ about for two decades: Playoffs.

Gone is the BCS, and with it the preposterous computer standings and automatic qualifiers. OU-UConn in a meaningless Fiesta Bowl, we hardly knew ya. And Nebraska playing in the title game a week after a 62-36 loss, we’ll never see you again.

Finally listening to its fan base and realizing the unfathomable financial windfall, university braintrusts agreed to – starting in 2014 – trash the Bowl Championship Series and introduce a 4-team playoff.

Two semifinals on Jan. 1 and then, starting Monday, Jan. 12, 2015, a true national championship game. Decided – are you sitting down? – on the field. After 100 years we got it right.

One small step for college presidents. One giant leap for college football.

The best news: Cowboys Stadium is in play. Big time. If JumboJerry in Arlington isn’t hosting the Cotton Bowl in a semifinal, it’ll be one of the bidders for the title game which will rotate in likely destinations such as New York, St. Louis, Detroit and Houston. Book it, college football playoff games are coming to the Metroplex.

There will be controversy. An elite selection committee will determine the four teams, and surely No. 5 will annually be upset. How will the revenue be split? Which six bowls will be rotated for semifinal games? And, while we’re being greedy, why the heck do we have to wait until 2014 and why is the new contract for 12 years, meaning there’s minimal chance of expanding to 8 teams until, what, 2027?

We got ourselves a plan. Now we need a name.

  The Football Four?

The Football Finals?

The (Bigger) Final Four?

The College Quartet?

The Quad Cup?

The Pigskin Playoff?

The University Utopia?

The College Challenge?

The Tournament?

The Non-BCS Thingamajig?

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