By Matt Goodman,
photo12 Lakewood Theater Asks For Donations To Fix Hail Damage

Damage at the Lakewood Theater in East Dallas.

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – One of the casualties of the costly June 13 hailstorm was the façade and tower of the Lakewood Theater, the iconic neighborhood fixture that’s lived just off Abrams Road since 1938.

Some of the damage to the theater was visible to the public and some wasn’t; after the hail passed, it was hard to miss the shattered remnants of its marquee that littered the sidewalk below.

But the attached tower suffered much worse –– and it’s really only visible to theater employees.

As co-owner Aubrey Suffron told us the day after the storm: “The tower got completely devastated. It doesn’t look like it, because it doesn’t look any different, but all the lights inside and the neon is just gone.”

The Lakewood Theater is 75 years old and its owners say they need help from the community to save it.

Quoting from a press release, “While the Theater and the Lakewood community will persevere, the costs of restoring the Tower to its uniquely recognizable stature as a neon lighthouse in this area require the support of our neighbors.”

For those who wish to help, Chase Bank is taking donations for the Lakewood Theater Tower Fund. All bank branches are accepting checks or money orders for the account number 474329971.

You can also mail it to any Chase Bank –– just attach that account number.

For those who have bank accounts with Chase, the bank allows you to transfer money directly to the donation account. The theater’s Facebook page will follow its progression and post any other benefit events.

The hailstorm, which claims are expected to exceed $2 billion, terrorized the Lakewood neighborhood the most. Here’s a link to our past coverage in the days that followed.