86 yr fights robber 5000 l Elderly Veteran Uses Cane To Scare Off Home Intruder

Karl Graman, an 86-year-old veteran who scared off a home intruder with his cain. (Credit: CBSDFW.com)

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – Never mess with a man with a cane: That’s the message that 86-year-old Karl Graman sent to a would-be thief.

Dallas Police say a man scammed his way into Graman’s Kessler Park home by saying he was following up on some roof repairs. Apparently, the suspect began hatching his plan six months prior when he saw legitimate workers repairing Graman’s roof.

That was his ticket to get inside the house, police say. When the robber showed up six months later, he knocked on the door and the maid answered. The thief told the maid he was there to check on the roof.

Once inside, the suspect headed right for Graman’s bedroom. “I was asleep in my bed in the back room. He tried to take off my ring and I woke up.”

Graman said he was groggy and unsure of what was going on. But he quickly snapped to it. “He walked over to the jewelry box and I noticed he was a thief and I said, ‘He’s a damn thief,’  said Graman. “I got my walking cane, and boy he took off.”

The 86-year-old said he never got a chance to swing his cane, but he’s pretty sure the thief knew he was willing and able to use it.

Graman served in the Navy during World War II and the Korean War, and he wasn’t about to let a criminal get the best of him.

By the way, if that thief decides to come back, Graman says he might not be so lucky. “You might get shot the next time,” he warned.

Dallas Police say the suspect is still on the loose and may use the same trick to gain access into someone else’s home.