By Susy Solis, CBS 11 News

FORT WORTH (CBSDFW.COM) – The scramble to save dozens of dogs from euthanasia is over, at least for today.

After a push to get more dogs adopted, city code compliance officials say the number of dogs at the Fort Worth Animal Shelter is manageable. That could change at any moment.

At one of two PetSmart stores where city shelter dogs can be adopted there were empty cages, a good sign.

“We had a shipment this morning, they all got adopted,” said Missy Rosales, an animal technician with the City of Fort Worth.

More dogs will fill the cages again Sunday, hoping to find a forever home.

The constant overcrowding at the Fort Worth Animal Shelter threatened to force the facility to euthanize its first adoptable dog since 2010.

“Yes, we are a kill shelter but we do everything in our power to keep them from getting to that point,” said Rosales.

The shelter has offered half price adoptions for several weeks and now is taking it a step further.

“We’ve lowered the price on the big dogs and the mature dogs down to $10,” said Brandon Bennett, Code Compliance director for the City of Fort Worth.

The implications have been far reaching.

One Fort Worth family adopted a lab mix puppy, not from a shelter, but from a family.

“Someone was looking to find a good home for him,” said Dan Simoneau. “They had found him in their driveway and didn’t want to take him to the shelters because of overcrowding at the shelters.”

Simoneau drove to the family’s home and picked up the dog.

But hundreds of others, like Ronnie Brady, saw the city’s plea for adoptions and brought his two grandsons to pick up a dog.

But while the animals are safe today, city officials say they will continue to grapple this problem until the bigger issues are addressed, including spaying and neutering animals.

“Training is another issue. That’s one of the reasons why dogs end up in shelters,” Rosales said.