By Jason Allen
10tz safe stolen Grapevine PD: Man Steals $16,800 From Gas Station Without Alerting Clerks

Grapevine PD says this man escaped from a gas station with nearly $17,000 in cash without alerting the clerks. (Credit: Grapevine PD)

GRAPEVINE (CBSDFW.COM) – Without a gun, or even a threat, a thief walked out of a Grapevine gas station last month with so much cash it was falling out of his pockets. Police said he got away with $16,800 in not much more than a minute.

Grapevine police released security video Wednesday of the May 24 crime at a Shell station along Highway 114.

Video shows the man pulling up in a white car, possibly a 1999 or 2001 Toyota Solara. He walked directly to the business office, which has an entrance hidden from view by coolers and merchandise displays. Once inside the man opened a safe under a desk and started filling his pockets with cash.

He was able to then walk right out of the store without anyone ever noticing. It wasn’t until a manager checked the safe more than an hour later that anyone realized the store had been robbed.

Police have shown the video to other law enforcement agencies but so far have not been able to identify the man.