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with apologies to alex p. keaton…i find this hard to believe..but multiple sources are saying the phillies are talking about trading clifford..makes no sense to me..but the arlington nine are interested..he won’t come cheap on any account..he’ll cost some top-notch prospects..and he’s due to make $75 mil the next 3 years..but it’s big boy baseball time at the ballpark..i say make the deal…im really getting worn out on the joepa statue about a new statues for the living..the sports statue erecting business is being cheapened…let me weigh in on hearing he has copped  to the whole domestic violence debacle..but an admission should not alter a punishment..the commish will still come down with a suspension..just count on it..he’s gonna miss a few games..i still say..this dude will never be worth the hassle he causes…speaking of  penalty flags..27 nfl players arrested since january..gotta think boss-man rajah will bring the big wood..look for a slew of game exiles…TRIVIA TIME…in the history of the cowboys..they’ve employed only two players  whose surname begins with “u” em..answer later…hard to believe..but this year marks the 50 year anniversary of the rolling still say mick jagger is one of the coolest cats ever..and that keith richards is a medical miracle..tour upcoming..ill be there…i must say..i like what the mavs have done so far..they might surprise some folks…im all in on the new dallas teevee’s pretty good..and jr ewing is still one of the most engaging characters in boob-tube history…so much for labor peace in the nfl..we were told 10 years of kissy-kiss-kiss between owners and lasted about two hours..seems there’s more time in the courtroom than owners are the greediest group in the world..and that includes the oil companies and wal-mart…im counting days till olympics..but it seems london is not ready..gobs of and traffic issues..not to mention a condom shortage..chaos is coming…locked and loaded lyrics to chew on..”the legend lives on from the chippewa down of the lake they call gitcha gumme..the lake it is said never gives up her dead when the gales of november turn gloomy”…big 12 media day begins monday..and that means college football is right around the beloved horn frogs’ maiden voyage in conference..the superpowers in norman and austin better not take them did they ever build the high five exchange at lbj and central?..that construction ranks right up there with the pyramids and richie’s new hair…if you youngsters want to hear some good music from the past..check out sly and the family stone..i think you’ll dig it…here is an event i won’t miss..the port o cool u.s. national dirt track championships at texas motor speedway..some of the most exciting racing out there..ensign eddie gossage promises much speed and some bone-rattling wrecks..king eddie and the tms brass are also looking for new title sponsor for the april nascar gathering..ive  floated the idea of the greggo response from edward so far…cowboy camp opens in about a’s gonna be great..not the camp per-say..but the fact i will be spending two weeks in the socal seaside paradise..a much needed relief from the stifling heat of north texas..go jealous…TRIVIA ANSWER..a couple of spares as the only cowboys players sporting a last name beginning with “u”..mike ulufala and demitrius underwood…that email address is still welcome questions..until we meet again..have a cigar and be a star….

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