DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – CBS 11 News has learned new information concerning the accidental shooting that happened at a Dallas area Wal-Mart Monday night.

Police arrested Todd Canady after his gun went off while standing in a checkout line. The 23-year-old man told police he had gone to the store to purchase groceries and had trouble getting his wallet out of his pocket

In the effort to remove his wallet, Canady’s gun, which he has a concealed handgun license for, accidentally dropped onto the ground and discharged.

In the end flying debris, caused when the bullet ricocheted off the ground, hit Canady, another adult and two children.

To make matters worse, took off running after the round fired, but was apprehended and arrested after a short foot chase with police.

CBS 11 spoke with the injured adult customer — a 27-year-old mother who said she is still shaken by the night’s events.

Cassie Schinto said she was at a Wal-Mart cash register, waiting to pay for her items. The customer in front of her was Canady.

After the gun fired the bullet hit the ground and the shell casing hit Schinto’s foot. Debris from the cement floor hit her 5-year old-daughter on the ankle.

“It’s just disturbing. I mean my daughter could have got killed. So yeah, that’s scary,” the mother said.

Both Schinto and her daughter were treated at a local hospital for minor injuries and released.

Schinto said she plans to press charges against Canady.

According to police, debris also hit a 5-year-old boy in the face, but his family said they have no plans to press charges.

Since Canady had a gun license he is charged with evading arrest.