By Andrea Lucia

DALLAS (CBS 11 NEWS) – At the Company Café on the Katy Trail there’s plenty of outdoor seating for the lunch crowd. But there are not many customers willing to brave the outdoors. Drive around town and you’ll find empty seats and empty tables on restaurant patios everywhere as people make a mad dash for the air conditioning.

“It’s unbearably hot. I mean, it’s hard to breath. And no one wants to put up with that,” said Company Café customer Kristie McCrary.

But, when the heat reaches the extreme, he estimates he can lose anywhere from a quarter to a third of his daily business.

“Nobody wants to go back to work all sweaty,” said Company Café manager Jeff Wells.

“108 degrees isn’t comfortable for anyone.”

Even the usual crowd on the Katy Trail, which runs alongside the Company Café, has become noticeably smaller.

But triple digit days may make customers all the more eager to pack in when the weather takes a turn for the cooler.

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