vollmer Granbury Has Dana Mania

Gold medallist Dana Vollmer of the United States poses on the podium during the medal ceremony after setting a new world record time of 55.98 seconds in the Women’s 100m Butterfly final. (credit: Clive Rose/Getty Images)

GRANBURY (CBS 11 NEWS) – At a glance, Granbury seems like the quiet, lakeside town it normally is. But look closer and you’ll see Granbury is buzzing with Dana-mania.

There are extra American flags flapping in the hot summer breeze. And signs hang in storefronts which read “Congratulations Dana!”

There’s no mistaking the fact that this is world record holder and Olympic gold medalist swimmer Dana Vollmer’s hometown.

“How about you guys?” the server at Grump’s Burgers restaurant asked her guests. “Everything taste good?”

The casual burger joint is not a place you’d expect all of the talk to be centered on the Olympics. But it is. In fact, the restaurant’s sign out front has well-wishes for Dana on its marquee.

“You can’t go anywhere without hearing them talking about Dana,” Grump’s employee Rachel Atkins said. “Like, you saw it on our marquee. The banks have it on the marquee. Everyone’s really proud of her and really excited that she came from our town and she’s doing so well. Everyone’s watching.”

Grump’s customers were watching men’s swimming events on the restaurant’s televisions Wednesday as they munched on burgers and french fries.

“All of our TVs are on the Olympics all day, every day,” Atkins said.

Tucked between an array of customers’ T-shirts hung on Grump’s wall, photos of old Dallas Cowboys teams and bumper stickers with funny sayings on them is a blue, one-piece swimsuit. It’s on a mannequin with the letters ‘USA’ on the chest. It’s Dana’s autographed swimsuit.

dana vollmer swimsuit Granbury Has Dana Mania

Dana Vollmer’s autographed swimsuit at Grump’s Burgers in Granbury. (credit: Joel Thomas)

“I always thought that was cool even before she’s done what she’s done,” Atkins said.

That’s because Dana won gold in an Olympic relay back in 2004. And her hero’s welcome home cemented swimming as Granbury’s sport.

“They’re pumped because we’re sort of a big town, but nothing ever really happens,” said Harrison Campbell as he ate his burger and watched Olympics. “I mean, we’re okay at football. We’re okay at baseball. But, I mean swimming? We just rock at it!”

Granbury named its city pool complex in Dana’s honor. This weekend, admission to the pool is free in honor of Dana’s victory.

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