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romochick 2012 Camp Cowboys: 8.2.12

Tony Romo poses with a random ‘chick’ at Cowboys Camp in Oxnard (Photo by Richie Whitt, 105.3 The Fan | CBSDFW.COM)

10. First off day of camp for players, but not for coach Jason Garrett. He says coaches today will spend time on the game plan for the New York Giants. Opener is 34 days away.

9. You know you’re in Southern California when: 1) It’s 63 degrees in August; 2) They’re saddened by an epic Rangers’ rally; 3) The dive bar puts in your Corona not a lime, but a … lemon.

8. With his long braids, backward camp and extremely oversized shirts and shorts, Mike Jenkins looks more like rapper Lil’ Wayne than a Pro Bowl cornerback.

7. Garrett, Tony Romo and Phillip Tanner are now in possession of 105.3 The Fan T-shirts. Handed Garrett his shirt and first thing he does is check out the tag. “100 percent cotton,” he said. “What kind of operation are you guys running?” Um, one that hands out free T-shirts.

6. The Fan’s Mike Fisher and I had a private pow-wow with Garrett on the field after Wednesday’s practice. Something different about him this year. More confident. More domineering. More relaxed. More … better.

5. During his 2 camps as head coach Garrett hasn’t been “off-campus”, but he plans to sneak up to Santa Barbara with wife, Brill, during an off day next week.

4. The coach’s favorite battles of camp: “I like 88 vs. 24,” he said. “But 77 and 94 are going at it pretty good too.” Those 1-on-1 battles, of course, are Dez Bryant-Mo Claiborne and Tyron Smith-DeMarcus Ware.

3. Popular hangout in Oxnard is BJ’s Brewery/Restaurant. Last night it was a birthday party for iconic Channel 8 anchor Dale Hansen hosted by, well, Hansen himself. Tequila shots. Dusty ol’ tales of yesteryear. And, yep, lots of hangovers this morning.

2. In his new-found tough love for Dez Bryant, Jones now says if the receiver doesn’t shape up “he has a plane ticket waiting for him.” Hard to imagine – what with NFL commish suspending the Packers’ Erik Walden 1 game for similar charges and saying he’s “disturbed” by domestic violence arrests – Bryant not getting disciplined at least 1 game.

1. Anthony Spencer has many critics. They point to the linebacker never having more than 6 sacks in a season and making $8 million this year. He’s compared to Ware on the other side of Dallas’ defense and he pales in comparison, at least statistically. But Garrett has some bad news for the haters: “Spence is an impact player.” How so? Well, according to the Cowboys’ “advanced stats” that take into accounts quarterback pressures, forced turnovers and negative plays impacted, Spencer is a “top 5 player at his position.” Garrett says the Giants tell him that, in fact, “93 is as difficult to deal with as 94.” Wow.

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