RICHARDSON (CBS 11 NEWS) – We humans have the Ritz and the Four Seasons, so why not give our pets a five-star place to rest their precious heads?

Welcome to Richardson’s Pooch Hotel. The place where pampering, playtime and even a workout or two will help your four-legged friend stay fit, relax and unwind while mom and dad are away.

“We designed the hotel with human amenities…the luxury bedding. We have dog TV streaming in all the suites…we have huge play areas with play structures and live grass in rooms,” said General Manager Meagan Karnes.

Karnes says she’s worked in regular kennels for ten years.

“Included in the cost of the suite is all day play and daycare, so the dogs aren’t cooped up too much in these suites,” Karnes said.

She says the difference in the dogs’ emotional state is like night and day.

“The dogs are so relaxed. I’m not walking up and down the aisles having dogs barking and stressed constantly,”

Plus, webcams in some suites allow mom and dad to breathe easier, too.

“It really is designed to make the dog feel at home,” Karnes said.

A night’s stay at the Pooch Hotel starts at $45 for a standard suite and up to $85 for the luxury “palace suite.”

The Pooch Hotel is located at 751 S. Central Expressway in Richardson