by Robbie Owens & Jay Gormley

UPDATED: 8/18/2012 – 9:10 AM

DALLAS COUNTY (CBSDFW.COM) – Dallas County officials had hoped to complete all aerial spraying for the entire city of Dallas and the surrounding suburban cities.

Four planes began spraying for mosquitoes around 9:00 pm Friday night.  But storms forced the planes back to the ground around 10:45. Bad weather also forced spraying to be cut short Thursday night.

8 17 12 spraymap Bad Weather Suspends Night 2 Of Aerial Spraying

Dallas Co. West Nile Spraying Map

Dallas County officials say the plan was to finish spraying those areas that were missed, plus the remaining suburban cities, including Addison, Coppell, Carrollton, Grand Prairie and Farmers Branch.

Dallas city leaders also added South, West, Southeast Dallas and Oak Cliff to Friday night’s spray plan.  The additional zones means that every acre in the city of Dallas will eventually be sprayed from the air as soon as weather permits.

FRIDAY 8/17/2012 – 10:00 PM

>> View the latest aerial spraying map from Dallas Co. <<
The areas highlighted in a bright color will be sprayed on 8/17

The goal is to have everything sprayed by early Saturday morning. Two more planes have been added to the mix to help reach every city before the sun comes up Saturday.

With storm clouds and lightning in the background,  the four planes carrying full payloads of pesticide waited for the all clear to take off Friday night. The planes took off 30 minutes late, but they were still on time to begin spraying at 9 pm.

Friday night’s stormy weather forced the aircraft to fly north to cover Garland and Carrollton first.

Health officials say there are no plans to aerial spray Saturday or Sunday night. However, a second round of spraying from the air, if needed, could start-up again on Monday.

Meanwhile, city leaders in Southern Dallas County have until Tuesday to decide if their cities wish to be added to the list for aerial spraying. This includes the cities of Duncanville, DeSoto, Cedar Hill and Lancaster.

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