DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – Take a look around. See any standing water? Get rid of it. If not, you’re giving mosquitos carrying the West Nile virus the opportunity to lay hundreds, if not thousands, of eggs. And Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings said that the citizens of Dallas and Dallas County cannot afford to do that.

“It’s very important that we get you to participate in this effort,” Rawlings said.

At a press conference Monday, Rawlings said that the City of Dallas will even help you get rid of standing water. “If you see standing water that you cannot get to, please call 311,” he said. “We have put extra people on staff. We will put you on the priority list in customer service. And we will get out there to get rid of this standing water.”

Some Lake Highlands residents have done their part. “Well, the rain gauge had 2 1/2 inches. And I even emptied it because it was standing water,” Jerry Osborne said. They believe aerial spraying has somewhat helped. Osborne said, “I think so. I haven’t been bitten as much. Only a couple of bites since they’ve been spraying.”

“But I got bit. Yes, tonight,” Katy Crowe said. There were two bites she was already scratching at — one  on her hand and one on her leg. But Katy and Rick Crowe got rid of the standing in all their empty flower pots — not only to protect themselves. “We are concerned about out elderly neighbors and family members that are immuno-suppressed, making sure we’re not taking any chances with them.”

While the City of Dallas will help residents get rid of standing water, anyone can get mosquito dunks. They kill mosquito larvae in standing water. It’s not a poison. The dunks contain soil bacterium. One mosquito dunk covers 100 square feet and lasts for about 40 days. They can be found at most local home and garden departments.

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