mosquito infested house Neighbors Claim Fort Worth House Is A Mosquito Breeding Ground

House in Fort Worth’s Fairmount Neighborhood which neighbors claim is a breeding ground for mosquitoes. (CBS 11 News)

FORT WORTH – (CBS 11 NEWS) Pierre Petrila admits he lives next to an eyesore, but what really worries him is what is happening inside a house in the historic Fairmount neighborhood in Fort Worth.

“Just the health and safety hazards that we have from this property,” Petrila said.

A large section of the roof is missing. Debris is scattered everywhere and he says the house is filled with mosquitoes.

“Every time it rains we get large, puddling water back there, green water. West Nile is a big concern here,” Petrila said.

It is especially more so now that the city will start spraying just a few blocks away.

Petrila says he has gone to the city about his concerns as have other neighbors. But every time the city goes into the house to check for standing water, it needs a warrant since the owner will not give city officials permission to go onto his property.

“My staff was able to execute a warrant a little early. They went out and checked inside the home and there was no pooling whatsoever of water. Any water that came in evaporated fairly quickly,” said Fort Worth Code Compliance Director Brandon Bennett.

That does not make Petrila feel any more at ease. Another rain storm will mean the same problems.

“I would like to see them tear this house down personally,” Petrila said.

Since the house is in an historic neighborhood, a tear down will not be that easy because there are more hurdles. Petrila is ready to fight and protect his family.

The owner of the house did not want to comment. When reached on the phone, he referred CBS 11 News to the city.

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