By Jack Fink
chianson Plano Bomb Suspect May Be Mentally Unfit To Stand Trial

Anson Chi. (Credit: Collin County)

PLANO (CBS 11 NEWS) – The attorney representing accused Plano bomber Anson Chi says his client may be mentally incompetent to stand trial.
Chi is charged with trying to blow up a gas main off Parker Road in Plano earlier this year.
His attorney is asking a judge to determine whether Chi can stand trial.
In court documents filed today, the attorney says interviews with Chi and his family reveal that the defendant has a quote, “delusional mindset” and that his “mental illness will and has prevented him from properly assisting in his own defense.”
Investigators say Chi was seriously hurt June 18 when a bomb he allegedly made exploded on a natural gas regulator in Plano. Authorities say the device went off prematurely and caused little damage.

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