107711671 Cowboys Plan To Sit Austin In Preseason

SAN DIEGO (CBS SPORTS) – When it comes to pass catchers, the Cowboys are in a bad way. Pro Bowl tight end Jason Witten suffered a lacerated kidney in the Week 2 preseason game against the Raiders and, earlier this week, wide receiver Dez Bryant was shelved for the rest of the month (at least) because of knee soreness. Then there’s Miles Austin, who when healthy lines up opposite Bryant.

Except that, like virtually everybody else, Austin hasn’t been healthy. He strained his hamstring on August 4 and he’s been sidelined ever since. So, when will we see him? Good question.

“We’re basically just wanting to make sure he’s ready for New York,” owner and general manager Jerry Jones said Tuesday during an ESPN radio appearance. “That’s where it’s all headed for him. He probably will need some work, just logic tells you, before he gets in the game, but we’re not interested in seeing him [play in the preseason].

You know who else would be the first to tell you that he’ll be ready to go come Week 1? Bryant, who did exactly that on Tuesday. “You know I’m going to play in New York, that’s without a doubt,” he said, according to Cowboys beat writer Clarence Hill.

As for Austin, his hamstrings were an issue last season, too, causing him to miss six games.

For now, the group of healthy wideouts are led by grizzled veteran Kevin Ogletree, the only member of the bunch with a regular-season NFL reception. He’s joined by Andrew Holmes, Dwayne Harris and Cole Beasley.

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