FLOWER MOUND (CBS 11 NEWS) – The Flower Mound City Council voted unanimously to opt in for aerial spraying.  Flower Mound joins a growing list of North Texas cities that are quickly turning to spraying for mosquitoes from the air.

It seems to be the topic on everyone’s minds; to spray or not to spray from the air.

Flower Mound residents packed city hall Thursday night to debate the very issue at an emergency meeting. “I’m just so incredibly against it. I’d like to see more being done to control the mosquitoes naturally,” one resident told the council.

The city of Flower Mound already has 18 human cases of West Nile.

Resident, Mary Jane Palasciano knows all too well the crippling effects of the virus. It paralyzed her in 2009 and she still needs crutches to get around. Palasciano supports aerial spraying. “It needs to be done to kill the mosquitoes so other people don’t suffer like I did. It totally changed my life,” said Palasciano.

There were plenty of residents at the meeting who oppose aerial spraying. They fear coating the city with pesticide is a recipe for disaster. “We have a very delicate environment. Once we tip that, we may not be able to get that back,” explained Nancy, a resident who did not want to use her last name.

Flower Mound resident, Drew Martin is all for aerial spraying. Martin argued that it needs to be done to protect human life. “You cannot put bugs and wildlife in front of human health,” he added.

As of Thursday, Denton County Health officials have recorded 118 cases of humans with West Nile. One person in the county has died from the virus.

Health Department Director, Dr. Bing Burton says Denton County is seeing an additional six to seven West Nile cases every day.

Every city in Denton County has until noon Tuesday, August 28, to opt in or out for aerial spraying.

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