DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – From cameras that can stream live video to Facebook, to webcams that have built-in motion sensors, the technology used by parents is constantly evolving. And two North Texas mothers are making sure that those gadgets pass the mom-test before you go out to buy them for your home.

With three children and a business to run, local mother Jamie Rayner stays very busy. “I have to coordinate all my children’s friend birthday parties and events to keep them occupied,” she said, “and then I have my business meet-and-greets that I do.” Rayner uses technology, like her smartphone, to keep tabs on her kids and keep track of daily appointments.

This is a growing trend among busy parents, according to Tina Wysk with Metro Moms. “Moms are busier and busier these days,” Wysk said. “That technology is a timesaver, but it allows us to do more and take on more tasks.”

The two sisters who founded Metro Moms test out new products — HD cameras, webcams, mobile devices — and review them for interested parents. They are trying out the latest gadgets for families this month, and sharing their favorites online. “Moms are really into products that are good for the family, that make their lives easier, that help them with everyday life,” Wysk said. “And it’s very difficult for them to do the research.”

Rayner added that the new technology helps her stay connected to her kids. “My kids don’t know anything but technology,” she said.

“A lot of this stuff does make your life easier,” said Wysk. The Metro Moms do not receive any compensation from companies for the products. Visit the Metro Moms website (Metroplex Baby & Kids) for a complete list of their reviews.

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