herb and muriel gross North Texas Couple Celebrates 66 Years Of Marriage

Herb and Muriel Gross celebrated their 66th wedding anniversary Friday in Plano. (credit: CBS 11 News)

PLANO – (CBS 11 NEWS) – A North Texas World War II veteran had a party to celebrate a big milestone today.  It was not about his service to our country; the party celebrated the dedication between him and his wife.

Applause filled the room as the couple made their entrance. High school sweethearts Herb and Muriel Gross had a lot to celebrate today in Plano, 66 years of marriage!

Herb shared how they met.  “She graduated the year after I did, but I followed her around everywhere.”

“After the war he followed me to Minnesota,” Muriel chimed in.

“Needless to say, it took a whole year,” Herb said with a laugh.

On August 24th 1946, they were married.  The couple lived all over the world before settling in Dallas 36 years ago.

“We always said when we got older we would just sit and not do anything and that’s what happened,” Muriel said while laughing.

Herb finished her thought, “everybody said you ought to take a trip so we did, we went to Europe and then when we got back we just sat like we wanted to do originally.”

Laughter has definitely been part of the couple’s success.  Muriel shared her secrets to a long marriage.

“It’s not all smooth, you got ups and downs and you have to take them. I mean, that’s life anyway.” Then she continued with some advice for other married couples. “So many want to quit. They think it’s going to be smooth like the honeymoon, but it’s not. It gets rough, but you have to stick to it and get through it.”

For Herb, the secret is easy, “my secret of success, I would say, it only feels like yesterday.”

“We’ve had a pretty good life haven’t we, haven’t we?”  Muriel asked Herb.

His answer was simple, “Yep.”

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