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a few thoughts while attempting to solve the rubiks cube…most know im not a huge dez bryant fan…i believe in the long run he’s gonna be more trouble than worth..but…BUT..for the time being he seems to be saying(with the luxury of the cowboys public relations mute button) all the right things…and so far it’s all about football…but for the release of the ridiculous “dez rules”…someone went too far…valley ranch spies says it was dez’s camp that illustrated the new mandates…if that’s true…shame the hell on them…they just made their client look like a junior higher…it’s one thing to have personal bylaws…but why make them public??..why open a very troubled soul to outrageous claims and non-stop rumors??..the “strip joint dez sightings will come in bunches…the dude already lives in a fishbowl (sorry mike fisher)..why subject him to more scrutiny??…don’t get me wrong..the rules are probably a good thing..and even if it might (I doubt it) sway the commish to lighten his fine and/or suspension..that’s good..but don’t post the rules on an old west “wanted” poster for all to see…it’s not fair to there…I’m actually taking up for the former okie state cowboy…

two last things..the rangers are really good…and this texas motor speedway “wild asphalt circus” is absolute marketing genius…those dudes at tms always have a slick trick up their manifold…check it out at…my only question for general gossage….how the heck are you gonna top this??…eddie always finds a way.

ever notice “all the girls get prettier at closing time”

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