MCKINNEY (CBSDFW.COM) – The Society for the Prevention of Animal Cruelty of Texas received more than 80 animals from shelters in Louisiana Saturday morning.

84 cats and dogs were driven throughout the night to get to the shelter in McKinney.

“They spent ten hours in the truck,” said Lacy Ball, a spokesperson for the SPCA. “I know when they got here they were very excited to be unloaded, use the restroom and get fresh water and food.”

The SPCA of Texas’ shelters in Dallas and McKinney have taken in more than 500 animals in five days, with more than half coming from storm ravaged Louisiana and Mississippi.

The goal is find loving homes for the new arrivals, but in the meantime the animals have to be evaluated which takes money and volunteers to temporarily house them.

Cathy Melching heard about the animals being housed at the McKinney shelter and showed up to ask how she can help.

“Even if it’s just a bag of food it’s really going to help them and help with the cost of running this whole organization,” said Melching.

And volunteers like Melching are helping to make handling the new arrivals easier for the shelter.

“We are really fortunate and very blessed that we are able to provide so much support to our friends in Mississippi and Louisiana but we definitely couldn’t do it without the support of the community,” said Ball.

The SPCA of Texas has asked that if people would like to help but can not volunteer their time its shelters are in need of food, collars and leashes.

To find out about how you can adopt animals from the McKinney shelter you can click on this link.

You can also follow the SPCA of Texas’ Isaac Blog for updates on the animals status.