shell Phone Hoax Subject Bonds Out Of Jail

Christopher Shell, the apparent victim of an airplane bomb hoax, was bonded out of jail for two earlier drug possession charges where he allegedly missed his court appearances.  (credit: DFW International Airport)

MCKINNEY (CBSDFW.COM) – The saga of Christopher Shell continued to get stranger. 24-hours ago he was the apparent victim of a love triangle and airplane bomb hoax. On Friday he was bounded out of jail for two earlier drug possession charges where he allegedly missed his court appearances.

Neither Shell nor his attorney spoke to reporters as they left the jail on Friday. Shell, who was detained in handcuffs Thursday as the innocent victim of a bomb hoax was arrested on arrival at DFW International Airport and spent the night in jail before returning to Collin County Friday morning.

Court documents show he was charged with two misdemeanor drug warrants for arrests in October 2011, in a McKinney Wal-Mart parking lot. But when it was time to go to court, he was already in jail in New Jersey on a robbery charge there.

The bonding company told CBS 11 News that it then recalled Shell’s bond, that is when arrest warrants were issued.

His attorney, Bartholomew Dalton, put up a cash bond; it is believed he accompanied Shell on Friday.

In Philadelphia, though, the man accused of phoning in the hoax answered federal charges. 26-year-old Kenneth W. Smith, Jr. faces federal charges of using commerce to maliciously convey false information.

Court records suggest a love triangle involving both men and Shell’s ex-girlfriend. In an affidavit, Shell is code-named “Person-1” and it says, “Smith stated that his motive was to ‘avenge’ Person-1’s ex-girlfriend, of whom Person-1 had posted a compromising picture on Facebook.

Smith’s defense attorney, William Brennan said his client is not used to the attention he has recently faced. “My client is very sobered by the amount of attention this has received and he’s not happy about it,” said Brennan. “My client was never in trouble a day in his life. He is not and evil guy”

Shell’s charges are misdemeanors, according to police. But Smith in Philadelphia could face ten years in federal prison for his prank.

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