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Jones Didn’t Buy Cowboys For The Money


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DALLAS (105.3 THE FAN) – With the way the Cowboys have been preparing, including the extended time off after the Giants game, owner/GM Jerry Jones said “We are very upbeat, mentally positive and focused,” going into Week 2 against the Seahawks.

But Jerry knows the Cowboys can’t make mistakes against Seattle. “They’ve got a threatening defense, their secondary is very impressive and we are on the road – so we can’t make turnovers and that puts the owness on Tony (Romo) and the offense. We’ve got our hands full against them for sure” Jerry told Elf & Slater during his weekly show on 105.3 The Fan.

“I didn’t buy the team to be a traditional owner, I bought it as a change of vocation,” said Jones when asked about a USA Today article where he refers to himself as a ‘coach’. “I always want it known and when there – think of me as the coach. I like to refer to that because it expresses the depth of commitment I made when I bought the team.”

“I didn’t buy the team for money, I bought it for the passion of football and it actually was my devil.”

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