By Steve Pickett

CEDAR HILL (CBSDFW.COM) – Bray Elementary School has been recognized with the highest honor provided to schools around the nation. The school received the Blue Ribbon, awarded by the U.S. Department of Education for academic excellence.

The school credits a method called the “Bray Way” for paving a path towards national excellence. The method combines different facets of learning to create a unique way to teach children.

In Ray Walther’s Physical Education class students must also exercise their brains. While students engage in physical activity they are asked to recite information from class.

“I just reinforce what they’re being taught in the classroom,” said Walther.

Meanwhile, active movement is a regular teaching tool for Bridgett Smith’s reading and language arts class for third graders.

Students like eight-year-old Hannah Chappelle said it makes learning interesting.

“I like it because you get good learning, and everything’s fun here,” said Chappelle.

The school’s method has helped ensure consistent student achievement and create a community of active learners.

“Because it’s a culture. We ingrain on them on day one,” said Smith. “We’re a family. There’s a Bray way. We do it a certain way.”

280 students attend the school and six out of ten parents participate in the Parent Teacher Association.

Parent volunteer Michelle Hernandez said she is happy to be involved in the school’s teaching method.

“It just makes us feel proud to be here because of what their goal is, what my goal is, to make my child educated academically,” said Hernandez.

Apart from Bray Elementary School only one other in North Texas received the Blue Ribbon Status, Townview Law Magnet in Dallas.

Bray Elementary School’s distinction was in early age achievement. No student is older than ten.

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