COLLEYVILLE (CBSDFW.COM) – A Colleyville mother is facing Criminal Mischief charges for allegedly helping a group of middle school students cause nearly $6,000 in damage to a house in the city.

It was in late July that police say Tara Mauney helped supply some of the items that were use to vandalize a house. When the group was done there was graffiti written on walls, raw chicken left in the mailbox and dozens of rolls of toilet paper were strung through trees in the yard.

According to authorities, on the night in question Mauney had eight middle school students partying at her house. At some point the 41-year-old mother allegedly helped the youngsters buy dozens of rolls of toilet paper at a local Wal-Mart before going to another home, where a group of kids, mostly girls, were having a slumber party.

Mauney reportedly claims to have had nothing to do with the incident, but police say they have photographs of the mother posing with the young pranksters at the store where some of the supplies were purchased.

If convicted Mauney could spend up to two years in jail for her crimes.