GRAND PRAIRIE (CBS 11 NEWS) – Students and parents packed the stands for homecoming night for the South Grand Prairie Warriors. Signs of support are everywhere. But, it’s another sign you don’t see that’s got football fans talking.

In Kountze, near Houston, a fight over faith is brewing on the football field. Cheerleaders there have been told they can no longer use bible verses on their football game banners, after someone complained. A judge lifted the ban, for now.

“I think they should say whatever they want, and if it’s about god it’s even better,” says South Grand Prairie cheerleader Heather Moss.

“When I played high school football, we said a little prayer before the game…worked out ok,” said South Grand Prairie parent Russell Oxford.

But not all agreed faith based signs are appropriate at football games.

Mansfield High parent Chaddie Nelson worried, “If somebody doesn’t believe in prayer, then they shouldn’t be imposing that on other people.”

Taylor Ratcliff, a Mansfield High cheerleader says, “I feel like that’s pushing a certain religion on certain people and not everybody at a public school may be the same religion.”

There is no shortage of spirit as the Warriors take on the Tigers. But there were no signs inspired by religion at this game.

“We don’t put any biblical versus. We put inspirational quotes we try not to cause any conflict in that way,” says Alyssa Anwar, a South Grand Prairie junior.

“We make signs, put them around the school. Make signs and put them up there,” says Mansfield High Cheerleader Taylor Ratcliff.

Even if religious signs were up, some wonder if it would be such a bad idea.

“You never have enough prayer,” said Nelson.

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