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NCAA Football

@La Monroe +7.5 vs Baylor- Warhawks have been BEASTS lately. Beat Arkansas, lost in OT to Auburn. They cover.

@West Virginia -26 vs Maryland- Maryland scored 7 pts off Williams and Mary.

@USC -16 vs Cal- USC has a cake schedule until Oregon, and Cal is horrible. Its time to run up the score for Troy

K-State +14.5 @OU- OU wins, but K-State is far too good to be laying this many points


SF -6 @Minny- Minny is maybe the worst team in the NFL, and SF is maybe the best. You do the math

Det -3 @Tenn- Chris Johnson has 21 yards on 19 carries this year. They have no chance.

NYJ -2.5 @Miami- Jets seem to play well vs Miami, and Revis is back.

@AZ +4 vs Philly- How AZ, who just beat NE, and is playing at home is a dog vs an overrated Philly team is beyond me.

@Baltimore -3 vs NE- Balt is the best in the AFC right now, and NE is in transition offensively. They are in trouble

@Dallas -7 vs TB- Toughest thing to do in the NFL is to play back to back road games. Home opener vs back to back? Dallas covers


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