By Jeff Ray

Yesterday the afternoon high at DFW today was 97°, that was within 4° of reaching the record high for the date. So the first day of Fall gave us the hottest day in three weeks. Today we expect more warm and sunny weather:

ntx tomorrows highs2 manual3 First Full Fall Day? Hot

The days are getting shorter and the nights are getting longer. This has been going on since the summer solstice when we enjoyed the longest day of the year. Yesterday we had 12 hours and  7 minutes  of daylight, our true “equinox” (12 hours of daylight, 12 hours of night) doesn’t occur until Sept. 28th. By the Winter Solstice in December we’ll only have about ten hours of daylight. From that day all the way to June 21st of 2013 the days will start to get longer again.

falldates21 First Full Fall Day? HotFi

High pressure is dominating our weather pattern over the next five days.

tx satrad master1113 First Full Fall Day? Hot

It won’t be as hot for the work week but it’ll still be in the 90’s. It will also be dry… and we are having a very dry September:

rainfall update First Full Fall Day? Hot

I’m putting a slight chance of rain in the last couple days of September. The better chance will likely show up on Saturday and Sunday. Temperatures will get knocked down to the 80’s with the clouds and rain chances.