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Well it was an awesome weekend for Stoops. He led a bigtime come from behind victory over a Top 10 opponent that vaulted his team into the National Title Race and sent a message to the rest of College Football that the SEC better be on notice. Oh, wait. That’s Mark Stoops. Bob’s brother. Defensive Coordinator for Florida State

Sponge Bobby in Norman had a team that was a bit of an outsider in the National Title picture,  now they’re waiting til next year. Which by the way, would make at minimum 13 years between BCS Titles for the Sooner Nation.

Let’s face it, that’s a long time for a program that holds the record for most consecutive wins. Prior to this loss Stoops was 14-0 at home against Top 25 teams before Saturday.

Where did it go wrong? Well, its simple. Landry Jones.

Bob Stoops’ staff did their best Wade Phillips impersonation with Ol’ Landry. Quite simply, he’s regressed. Much like Terrance Newman, Anthony Spencer, Mike Jenkins and Felix Jones, Landry Jones was better in his 2nd year than he was in his 4th.

In fact, Stoops’ coaching resume since his 2000 BCS Title somewhat mirrors Cousin Wade himself. I mean, its been ALL regular season and very little postseason success for OU the last decade. Unless you count or care about the NON-BCS Bowls.

The tie-ins here are just too juicy to look past.

Its not really Bob’s fault but we live in a world where the wrong people are always blamed for losses in football. QB’s are given too much credit and/or blame in the NFL, and NCAA coaches are given the same treatment. Fair or not, it is what it is.

Now I love Bob. I think he’s an elite Top 5 Head Coach in College Football. But…there HAS been a lot of disappointment in Sooner-Land. Putting sports into perspective, which I like to do, but fans refuse to. Bob’s been terrific. Only Nick Saban and Urban Meyer have more Titles in the BCS era.

Stoops has always said OU’s first goal is to win the Big 12 and worry about the BCS Bowl games later. I agree, enjoy the journey.

Unfortunately Nick Saban is still in College Football. And he has a different plan.

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