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Which loss on Monday was more disappointing: the Cowboys or the Rangers and why? Gina Miller (@thatsportsgirl) will read the best answers on the Fan Sports Show tonight at 6:30.

From TXA21 Facebook:

Sandra Anne Haydon The Rangers!!! The Cowboys are turning out to be a lost cause!

(response to above post)

Jeff Borlace  and the rangers aren’t ? Two back to back choke jobs in the WS and now totally collapsing down the stretch. They both suck

From @TXA21 Twitter

@black_is_bad Rangers. Everyone expects cows to lose. If @Rangers don’t win division, its a travesty.

@DieselDan1  Rangers. Leading division all season and now letting in a contender into the playoffs. Cowboys breed disappointment lately.

@ScotilDallas All is not lost #Cowboy  fans we r winning w/most Facebook likes & we have a Victoria’s Secret now #rappinGMmustgo #cowboys

@highlandmoon Rangers because we were so close and it would have clinched it then!

@jgbg1 both loses are disappointing! But I’d rather kick Jerry Jones in the NUTS!

@md2bad2 Rangers! Gave up control for home field advantage through the playoffs. Cowboys season just started…Dec is when it counts.

@rosorio16 Cowboys fans n t staduim were disappointing. Wish Jerry would put t fans that are in t bars cheering for t Boys in t Staduim

@pokerhag  definitely Rangers… they are nearing the last chance area with great organization. Cowboys are average and proved it again

@MavsRangersBoys Rangers by far, they have a future in the post season. Cowdogs don’t. Rangers need to get this done to prep for playoffs.

@thesummers09 The Ranger loss was more disappointing to me because I am a Ranger fan first!! September and October are so emotional!

@profpepper Cowboys! They have fewer games. Each one means 10x as much as a baseball game!

@kennethss40 The Rangers. They actually have a chance for something special.

@Dr_D10k the cowboys by a long shot, they were on national television & at home. Rangers had a rookie starting, what do you expect?

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