NORTH TEXAS (CBSDFW.COM) – It is estimated that some 340,000 Texans suffer from Alzheimer’s disease. An online community has now been started for those Texans and millions upon millions of others worldwide impacted by the disease.

Experts say for every person that has Alzheimer’s there is often at least one other person that cares for them in addition to their healthcare providers. To bring all those people together in an online setting the Banner Alzheimer’s Institute has created The Alzheimer’s Prevention Registry.

“Everyone can play an important part. This registry will be used to inform people about the latest news and information that’s happening in prevention research,” Alzheimer’s Prevention Initiative Associate Director Dr. Jessica Langbaum explained.

In addition to keeping the online community updated on the latest information and research, the registry will also be used to help Alzheimer’s patients, caregivers, physicians and others interested in making an impact on the debilitating disease.

“When you sign up for the registry you become a strong voice of advocacy for a cure or effective preventative treatment for Alzheimer’s disease,” Dr. Langbaum said. “Individuals who join the registry may also be invited to participate in research that could prove pivotal in our fight against Alzheimer’s.”

As it stands, Alzheimer’s disease is the sixth leading cause of death worldwide and the only disease in the top 10 without an effective treatment or cure.

For many, Dr. Langbaum says it’s also a disease that’s ‘waiting in the wings.’ “Researchers know that the disease begins in our brain years prior to somebody exhibiting the signs and symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease.”

The Alzheimer’s Prevention Registry has set a goal of enrolling 100,000 people, nationally, by June 2013.

Click here to sign up on the Alzheimer’s Prevention Registry and to learn more about the Alzheimer’s Prevention Initiative.

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