DALLAS (CBS 11 NEWS) – A new term is emerging for a valued demographic in this year’s Presidential election: an undecided voter dubbed the “Wal-Mart Mom.”

A pollster, not affiliated with the actual store, created the term to identify the kind of frugal voter he wanted to attract.

Ahead of the first Presidential debate on October 3, CBS 11 talked to several young women about what they want to hear from the candidates to help them make up their minds.

“I’m undecided at this point,” says Jasmine McGown, who has an eight-month- old daughter.

She says a candidate’s moral views will help sway her on some issues, but she wants practical answers, too.

“A lot of time what they talk about is marriage, abortion, those types of things. But also the economy is a big thing for me,” she says.

Money is also on the mind of first year law student Ashley Teague.

“I’m interested in issues with the student loan debt and policies aimed at that, and the job outlook and the economy, and I do want to hear about those issues.”

Rebecca Daldin is blunt. “I’m just not happy with either party,” she says.

According to Daldin, and the women surveyed, a candidate’s view on the national economy may not be at the top of the list of needs, but it is always on the list. “It’s just gradually gotten worse,” she adds. “So we just need somebody who can improve it.”

A Reuters/Ipsos poll claims undecided voters are 6% of the electorate. More than half of those are women, with little or no college education, and likely earning 25-thousand dollars a year or less.

The undecided women voters we surveyed agreed on another thing. They say they want to hear facts from the men who want their votes.

“At the end of the day, I think that it comes down to the facts,” says McGown. “What I believe the candidate is saying to be true, and who’s more trustworthy based on how they’ve voted previously, what they’ve done in office or where have they served prior to –what have they actually done?”

Teague, the law student, adds, “I do want to hear specific plans they have, I don’t want to hear generic proposals.”

But she is mum on which candidate with whom she thinks she will support.

“I am leaning a certain way. Unfortunately I haven’t been able to say I’m one way or the other. Definitely an independent; I don’t belong to either party, but I am leaning a particular way.”

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