ALEDO (CBS 11 NEWS) – Lighting candles, dozens of friends of 15 year old Mallory Evans came together to remember her.

“She was well-loved by everyone around her, and I think even her brother,” said Pete Baldwin, a neighbor and close family friend.

Jake Evans, 17, is charged with murdering his sister and his mother, Jami Evans, a former elementary school teacher, Thursday morning, a crime he coldly confessed to a 911 operator.

“It just doesn’t sound like him. It’s not him,” said Baldwin’s wife, Stephanie, of the voice on the tape.

She’s known the family for more than a decade, hosted sleepovers Mallory attended, and even had Jake in her carpool, before he started home-schooling.

The boy she remembered never showed any signs of turning violent.

“Very quiet, very shy,” she said.

Another neighbor, Janice Mulliniks described him as studious and “All-American.”

“Always out hitting golf balls, very polite, very mannerly,” added Janice Mulliniks.

Though the community is shocked, it is also overwhelmingly supporting the family.

The candlelit gathering at Bearcat Park Friday evening encouraged young people to share their thoughts and feelings on the double murder.

The First Baptist church also opened its doors during the day to those looking for a place to pray.

On Twitter, people have posted condolences and kind words under the hash tag “prayingfortheEvans.”

“We were over visiting the family and the phone was endlessly ringing and people were reaching out to us to see what they could do,” said Stephanie Baldwin.

The locals here say it’s just who they are – to united in a time of need, even while they question how or why this could happen.

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