DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – There is a community garden located just two miles from downtown Dallas. Although it is more than 20 years old, it has never produced more food than this year. “We brought in some new soil and a couple of loads of compost,” said Don Lambert with Gardeners in Community. “We got everything about as perfect as it can be right now.”

Over a dozen families work the soil. They grow food for their families, sell the excess at a local farmers market, and even give some to those who are most hungry for it — a local food bank. It is part of a national program called Giving Through Growing. “We have, you know, about 60 to 70 pounds of vegetables to deliver to the pantry today,” Lambert said. “Our goal is to deliver 2,000 pounds of vegetables a year to the food pantry.”

“That’s actually pretty easy to do,” Lambert added, “but it sounds impressive to other people, I guess.”

The garden has grown to serve twice as many families, doubling in size in just one year. That happened with help from a winery in California. Woodbridge by Robert Mondavi donated the money to expand the garden.

Celebrity chef Candice Kumai serves as a spokesperson for Giving Through Growing. Because when a chef looks at a garden, they see more than just plants. They see food. “This is heaven for anybody who actually is a huge fan of local organic, harvested foods,” Kumai said. She has a new cookbook titled “Cook Yourself Sexy,” being released next month. “In my new book, I talk mainly about how we’re going back to basics. Processed foods are so out, and finding local, organic and real foods again is so in.”

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