casey pachall 1 TCU Quarterback Leaving School, Entering Rehab

Mugshot of TCU quarterback Casey Pachall. (credit: Mansfield Police Dept.)

FORT WORTH (CBSDFW.COM) – At his weekly press conference Texas Christian University (TCU) head football coach Gary Patterson announced that quarterback Casey Pachall is going to “dis-enroll” from the university for the Fall semester.

Coach Patterson said there were many considerations in making the decision.

“A lot of thought, a lot of talking to people in my business, people that have dealt with problems themselves when it comes to drug or alcohol addiction.”

Coach Patterson said 21-year-old, “Will go into a in-patient care facility, [he] may be there already. And as usual, most of those are somewhere between 30 and 60 days.”

Five days ago Pachall was suspended indefinitely after being arrested early Thursday morning on suspicion of driving while intoxicated. The arrest came eight months after the junior quarterback admitted to police that he smoked marijuana and failed a team-administered drug test.

While Pachall is leaving the university Coach Patterson made it clear that the move doesn’t mean his future as a Horned Frog is over. “Hopefully what our plan is, is that he gets himself right and uh, keeps the door open for us as far as an opportunity for him to be able to come back here and enroll in the Spring.”

As far as weighing the decision to suspend Pachall from the football team or not, Patterson said, “I’ll be honest with you, I don’t think one game, three games, would have made any difference. You gotta change kids lives and that’s really what this is all about.”

Coach Patterson said there were many conversations with his staff, the university chancellor and Casey’s parents and all came to the same agreement. “There was only way we were gonna be able to change the path that he [Casey] was on and that was he just needs to step away from it all. And for us I think it’s the best decision.”

According to Pachall’s teammates, on Sunday Pachall had said that he was going to “take some time off and get everything together.”

Just hours after his son’s arrest Casey’s father, Stan Pachall, said the driving while intoxicated arrest was a ‘wakeup call’ for his son.

PLAY: Casey’s father Stan Pachall talks wtih CBSDFW.COM outside the Mansfield Jail

During the Tuesday afternoon press conference Coach Patterson said the last few days had been difficult and his attention had been split. “The one group that gets forgotten in this is this football team. There’s 125 guys on it and we were just talking about one, I still have 124 that I have to take care of that are also affected,” he told the room. “Obviously there’s a big [reporter] draw in here. I’d like to see this because we were here playing Baylor, not because of Casey Pachall, because to me I think that’s a big thing for the other 124 people, and this university and everybody else.”

TCU faces off against Baylor on Saturday and for the second time in as many weeks redshirt freshman Trevone Boykin will start. Despite Boykin throwing three interceptions and the Frogs seeing their 12-game winning streak come to an end Coach Patterson said the team is focused. “We’re gonna still try to win football games. We won them before Casey Pachall was the quarterback and we’re gonna win ball games after Casey Pachall is the quarterback.”

Before ending the press conference Patterson said a new program has been started on campus. The TCU Recovery and Support Group is in place to help those struggling, or those recovering from either alcohol or drug use. Patterson said the football program is pledging $100,000 toward the group.

“Casey is just one, he’s just one of millions,” Patterson said. “We want to take this opportunity to make sure that this turns into a positive on other avenues and others can be helped because of it.”

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