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With apologies to Jack Tripper.

In the parity times of today’s NFL the enchanted number seems to be “10”. By that I mean 10 wins and most likely you’re in the playoffs. If this hypothesis is valid, the Former Dallas Cowboys will have to go 8-3 the rest of the way to hit that mythical digit. I don’t see it. Another year in the wilderness of mirrors.

Why was it so hard for Josh Ham to quit tobacco yet so easy to quit baseball?

Victory has a thousand fathers, yet defeat is an orphan.

The fall of former DFW denizen Lance Armstrong is mighty and hard. With overwhelming evidence that he did in fact dope while biking, he is now toxic. Gone are the lavish endorsements. Gone is his reputation. Gone is his tour victories. Gone is involvement in the very organization he founded. Gone is public trust. What is present and accounted for is deep tumult at the heart of realness. To feel sorry for him now seems pointless.

Is A-Rod not the worst “big game” professional ballplayer of all time? Relegated to the pine in must win battles. And all the Yanks owe him is $167 million bucks in the next six years. Good luck with all that.

Speaking of those Yankees, what do you suppose their off-season plans include? With Big George safely planted in Tampa, his offspring have made a mess of the “First Team of NY City”. You can’t fire everybody. The little Georges seem content on making money not flying pennants.

Just read the terrific book “Killing Kennedy” by the bombastic Bill O’Reilly. It is overflowing with items of interest I’d never read. But like all good works of literature, everyone dies in the end.

Are the ice hockey shot-callers really dumb enough to cancel yet another NHL season? Is there not one person who can explain that another colossal nullification would destroy what relevance they still contain? This smacks of banana republic reasoning.

Yes I watched the presidential debates. Yes I was entertained. Yes it was chaotic. No, it didn’t sway me to vote for either harlequin.

TRIVIA TIME! The Former Dallas Cowboys have won eight straight against the Carolina Panthers. The tobacco road men have employed four different QB’s in those contests. Name em. The answer down under.

I’m not scared of air travel. But it does bother me that every single airport has a “terminal”. Can we not find another term?

So now the NFL players union claim that the late Reggie White established a “smash for cash” program his first year with the Packers. They go on to say the NFL head honchos knew about it. Even the ESPN guys did a story about it. Reverend Reggie claims he handed out over $13K in cash during the 1996 playoffs. The NFL rules haven’t changed. But it seems their PR agenda has.

The .38 revolver that ganstress Bonnie Parker was carrying when she and Clyde were ambushed is up for auction. I’d love to own it, but I can’t give you one reason why.

Locked and Loaded lyrics to chew on.  “Girl you taught me how to hurt real bad and cry myself to sleep. And showed me how this town can shatter dreams. Another lesson ’bout a naive fool who came to Babylon and found out that the pie don’t taste too sweet”

Speaking of music. I was going deep in the IPod the other day and come across some Jim Croce. How could he have written two songs as similar as “Bad Bad LeRoy Brown” and “You don’t mess around with Slim”? Same concept, same conclusion.

A trade rumor has the Rangers swapping lefty Derek Holland for Red Sox CF’er Jacoby Ellsbury. It’s risky trading young southpaws. Especially ones that have had Major League success. I say politely decline.

Are the Mavs back at play? Is the NBA season upon us? Wake me in February. Before that, it’s only white noise.

TRIVIA ANSWER! Former Cowboy signal caller Steve Beurlien lost to his previous team in ’98 and ’00. Another past poke Rodney Peete came up short in ’02. Cajun Jake Delhomme suffered defeats in ’03, ’05, “06 and “09. Yet another prior Cowboy Matt Moore spit-the-bit in 2007. Now you know.

Can Funtime QB Geno Smith tote home the Heisman after laying that egg in Lubbock? I say yes, he he better administer some whoopings the rest of the way. Otherwise the quest for the stiff-arming trophy is wide open.

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