By Cory J. Mageors, 105.3 The Fan | CBSDFW.COM

Here we are several days after the Cowboys weird loss, and I’m not fuming.

I’m not stewing.

I’m not pissed off.

If anything I am, as the great Pink Floyd called it, comfortably numb.

This quite possibly could be the saddest thing I’ve said in my 31-years of Cowboys fandom, I’ve gotten used to coping with these kinds of losses.

On our very own station, everybody was trying to convince us that we saw signs of encouragement, that we should be okay with the loss because nobody expected the Cowboys to beat Baltimore anyway, that the level of play was good enough.

Typically I myself would have burned up the phone lines and ripped everybody.

No way can the Cowboys be happy after a loss, any loss. Especially when you only get 16 football games a year.

No way should Jason Garrett be selling encouragement after his yo-yo roller coaster coaching career so far. Win a game nobody thinks you should win, lose all of the games you need to win.

No way should the Cowboys Nation settle for anything less than excellence.

But here we are, going through our work day wanting to act like nothing happened because it would infuriate us that much more to relive yet another bumbling mistake that cost us a win.

I try to find somebody to blame every week.

Yes, Dez should have caught the two-point conversion, but what about the penalties that put them in so many difficult situations to get out of.

Yes, everybody knows you should have had better communication to manage the clock. Lord knows we’ve seen that before from the Garrett-Era.

Yes, the Cowboys should have won, and should be 3-2 right now, but lost to a team that is “far superior,” as I heard many say before that game.

Is that what we should expect? Is that what we are going to get every week? Every year?

I wish I was more upset about this loss, and maybe it is because I didn’t really expect to win.

But I’m not upset, and that scares me a little. This roller coaster has seen more down than up of late, and I’m sitting with my arms crossed staring at the Six Flags Super Man Tower of Power and wondering if that would be more fun.

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