DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – The battle over a new ordinance to protect bike riders in Dallas continues at Dallas City Hall on Monday. The council is looking at putting an ordinance together that makes it illegal to throw things at cyclists or pass them too closely. The new rules would also require cyclists to wear something reflective at night.

There are already state laws on the books about bikes and cars – including a safe passing law. Police Chief Tom Lawrence says that Dallas’s proposed rule would make the safe following¬†distance more specific.

But not everyone believes the city is doing enough to protect area cyclists.

“I’m a cyclist, and I can tell you I don’t feel comfortable on our shared lanes,” said City Council Member Angela Hunt. “I think this is a nod that we are giving to try to show that we are a bike friendly city.”

Hunt believes that the on-going battle between cars and bikes won’t end until the city puts in dedicated bike lanes. In her opinion, the push to make Dallas a bicycle-friendly city is doomed for failure unless the bike lanes are added.

KRLD’s Emily Trube Reports

The ordinance will continue to be hashed out in committee meetings before it goes back to the full council for a vote.

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