DALLAS (CBS 11 NEWS) – It was bound to happen. Someone held a funeral for Big Tex.

The Golden Gate funeral home in Dallas called it “a living funeral.” It was like saying your final good-byes to someone. But not really, just sort of.

A new and improved Big Tex is expected to be back next year

The celebration of life for the old Big Tex was like saying good-bye to an old flame.

“I’m the ex-wife,” said Sarah Bardo.

big tex memorial 1 Dallas Funeral Home Hosts Big Tex Memorial

(credit: CBS 11)

Bardo says she was once married to the 52-foot tall Cowboy and will always remember his voice.

“How-dyyyyy, Youuuuu alllll,” she said in a deep baritone voice.

Some would have criticized the carnival like atmosphere at the service.

But those who attended smiled and insisted Big Tex would have wanted it this way.

“I thought it was absolutely appropriate,” Shinna Wells said laughing.

One by one, the took turns at the podium and shared thoughts and old memories about Big Tex.

A boy, who looked to be about 10 said, “I remember when I was a little kid and I saw Big Tex.”

Another man said, “Big Tex was as much of an icon as Sam Houston or any of the other famous Texans.”

If you’ve ever seen the 67-foot tall statue of Sam Houston in Huntsville on your way to Houston, you know that to be true.

“The words. The speakers. I thought it was great. I thought it was from the heart,” said Shinna Wells.

Big Tex will always be remembered as the one guy at the State Fair of Texas that you could count on every year to put a smile on your face or be the meeting place for anyone who was lost.

Baptist Pastor Anthony Eaton gave a eulogy for Big Tex. In the end Pastor Eaton gave this final farewell:

“Adios. See ya later alligator. After while crocodile Big Tex!”

There is also a Big Tex Grief Support group on Facebook to help answer questions like when it’ll be okay to stop wearing black.

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