By Chief Meteorologist Larry Mowry

If there ever was a week to get excited about the weather it would be this week.  Here in North Texas we are awaiting our strong cold front Thursday evening that will usher end our unseasonably warm stretch.  In the Pacific Northwest, snow is falling in the mountains as the storm system that sends the cold air our way is taking shape.  And in the Caribbean you have Tropical Storm Sandi, which will create all types of headaches in trying to figure out where it will go and its effect on the East Coast.


Temperatures will continue to be quite warm the next two days as south winds continue to bring up moist, warm air from the Gulf of Mexico.  Temperatures tomorrow will top out in the upper 80s!  The record high for tomorrow is 90 degrees.  We will come close topping out at 87.

Thursday will be mild with temps in the 80s but our cold front looks to arrive in Dallas/Fort Worth during the evening hours on Thursday.  Behind the front comes the colder air.


There will be a few isolated showers and thunderstorms for the second half of the day on Thursday with the cold front coming thru.  And behind the front Thursday night into the day on Friday there will be a pockets rain that linger.


Temperatures by Friday morning will start off in the upper 40s!  We will stay in the 40s and 50s all day Friday with mostly cloudy skies, a strong north wind gusting to 30 mph, and pockets of rain.  Overall, Friday will just be a lousy, cold, wet day.

Saturday morning we will start with temperatures around 40 degrees with some areas in the upper 30s.  We will see some sunshine on Saturday, but temperatures will only climb to about 64.  There won’t be much wind, so overall it will just be a very cool fall like day on Saturday.

Sunday morning will start again near 40 degrees.  A few clouds will pass thru during the day, but temperatures will manage to make it to 67.

Here’s a look at the high temperatures over the next four days.

timeline days Say Goodbye to the 80s North Texas!  Highs in the 50s Soon!


TONIGHT:  Becoming mostly cloudy by daybreak.  Mild, breezy.  Low of 67.  S 10-15 mph
TOMORROW:  Partly cloudy to mostly sunny.  Warm, breezy.  High of 87.  S 10-20 mph

TOMORROW NIGHT:  Becoming mostly cloudy by daybreak.  Mild, Breezy.  Low of 70.  S 10-20 mph

THURSDAY:  Mostly cloudy, mild and breezy.  Chance of thunderstorms in the late afternoon and evening.  20%  High of 82.  S 10-20 mph

THURSDAY NIGHT:  Turning colder.  Scattered showers.  Low of 49.  N 20-30 mph

FRIDAY:  Cloudy, cold and windy.  Scattered showers (30%).  High of 56.  N 20-30 mph

FRIDAY NIGHT:  Cloudy with rain ending.  Low of 42.  N 10-15 mph

SATURDAY:  Mostly sunny, cool.  High of 64.  N 5-15 mph

SATURDAY NIGHT:  Partly cloudy and cold.  Low of 43.  N 5-10 mph

SUNDAY:  Partly sunny.  High of 67.  E/SE 5-10 mph


Here is a look at Tropical Storm Sandy’s location as of the 2pm EDT update.  Is in the Caribbean Sea right now south of Cuba.

tropical tracker scene master Say Goodbye to the 80s North Texas!  Highs in the 50s Soon!

Sandy will cross over Cuba and likely be sitting over the Bahamas on Thursday.  From there, there is great uncertainty as to what the storm will do.  A potential hit as a hurricane or a strong tropical storm along the East Coast is a possibility.  Another possibility is the storm stays off shore, but a major noreaster develops and the Northeast gets blizzard conditions.  That would be similar to the “Perfect Storm” situation that many remember from the movie a few years ago.


The European has Sandy striking the Northeast on Tuesday morning of next week as a really devastating storm with high winds, storm surge and flooding rain.  Here is what the model is showing for next Tuesday morning.

ecmwf apcp f168 ne Say Goodbye to the 80s North Texas!  Highs in the 50s Soon!

The American Model known as the GFS is way offshore with the system by Tuesday morning.  Here is where is showing the center.  The center is the circle with lots of lines around way to the east of the East Coast.  The solution would user in a cold shot of air across the Northeast.

gfs op apcp f168 na Say Goodbye to the 80s North Texas!  Highs in the 50s Soon!


There is no way to know which one is right.  As with most tropical systems, you can’t trust any model more than a few days out in the future.  And even then, tropical systems are very tricky.  We will have a better sense of where Sandy may be going once it moves into the Bahamas on Thursday into Friday.  But for those folks in the Northeast we are either looking at a tropical system, or a major shot of cold air.  The cold air looks like a certainty regardless of how close the Sandy gets.