TROPHY CLUB (CBSDFW.COM) – An incident involving two North Texas high school students’ ends with one hospitalized, after eating a pot-laced brownie, and the other in custody.

Another student gave a 17-year-old girl at Byron Nelson High School, in Trophy Club, the brownie.

“It’s my understanding they were boyfriend and girlfriend. So, as to why he did it, I have not been advised as to why he did it other than he thought it was a good idea. Who knows? I don’t know,” Trophy Club police commander Lee Delk said of the situation.

While Delk said the incident may or may not have been intended as a joke, the consequences quickly became serious. “She was kind of out of it. She actually lost consciousness at one point and time, while in the school and in the school nurse’s office. She was pretty much out of it,” he explained.

The girl’s 15-year-old boyfriend was taken to the Denton County Juvenile Detention Center and charged with distribution of marijuana in a drug-free zone.

The condition of the female victim isn’t known.

Byron Nelson High School is in the Northwest Independent School District.

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