SEGUIN (CBSDFW.COM/AP) – Drivers on Texas’ new 85-mph toll road are finding out about an obstacle local drivers have dealt with for years: hogs.

At least two collisions this week on Texas Highway 130 involved drivers hitting pigs walking on the highway. The San Antonio Express-News reports  that a third occurred when a vehicle hit a deer.

No drivers were injured in the collisions, but it’s unclear whether the increased speeds will lead to more damage. The expanded 41-mile stretch of Texas 130 between San Antonio and Austin opened this week with a speed limit of 85 mph _ the fastest in the nation.

Lockhart police officer John Roescher tells the newspaper that collisions of animals and vehicles happen often on roads in the area. But Texas Highway 130 isn’t your standard rural road.

The problem shouldn’t become a long-term issue according to Texas Highway 130 spokesman Chris Lippencott. Before too long, the hogs will learn their lesson.

“You don’t have a lot of hogs getting hit on I-10 because they have figured out that that’s a dangerous place for them to be,” said Lippencott, referring to nearby Interstate 10, a major east-west freeway that runs across the state.

Lippencott notes that there are no plans to add fences along the south Texas highway, but the city is contemplating warning signs for drivers. In the mean time, drivers should be cautious on the road.

“Everyone should be paying attention regardless of what time they are on a highway, but especially at night,” said Lippencott.

If the speed limit is any indication, don’t count on the drivers slowing down.

Let’s just hope the hogs are quick learners.

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