DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – Early voting numbers are surging this year across the State of Texas. But several blogs and emails are buzzing about straight-party voting, circulating a rumor that those who are voting straight-party Republican are actually submitting ballots that are straight-party Democrat.

Election officials and political party representatives are now having to dispel these rumors, saying that early voting results really are being correctly marked and counted.

Wade Emmert, chairman of the Dallas County Republican Party, posted a notice online regarding this circulating information. He called the rumors unsubstantiated, and noted that the Dallas County GOP has yet to identify any voter who actually experienced such an issue.

The source of the rumors, according to the Republican Party, is an unsigned email that is being forwarded around.

Meanwhile, the Dallas County Elections office also said online that they are aware of the rumors. To avoid any further confusion, they gave detailed instructions on how to vote straight-party — either Republican or Democrat. Once a voter makes their selection, the instructions say to not touch the green button or the red button until you have reviewed your selection. Then, the voter must confirm their ballot by pressing “confirm” or “vote.”

The bottom line: double check your ballot before you submit it.

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