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whitts end reaper Whitts End: 10.26.12

Whether you’ve reached the end of your rope or merely the end of your week, welcome to Whitt’s End:

*How devastating is the loss of Sean Lee to the Cowboys? It’s worse than the Ravens losing Ray Lewis. That’s because Lee is Dallas’ best defensive player, who makes tackles behind the line of scrimmage, calls the defensive signals and creates turnovers 20 yards down field. I know DeMarcus Ware makes sacks, but on the list of irreplaceable Cowboys it’s Tony Romo and then Lee.

*Pablo Sandoval hits 3 homers in World Series Game 1, and now you know why I merely shrugged when Josh Hamilton hit 4 homers against the Orioles in May. It’s the playoffs that matter.

*Delonte West, we hardly knew ya. And by “we” I meant, well, everybody. One of the true nutjobs to pass through the Metroplex, West is gone from the Mavericks after being suspended twice in a week … in the pre-season. After his suspension last week West called head coach Rick Carlisle “Uncle Ricky” and said “it’s all good, we’re going back to the barbecue.” But apparently unhappy over being given only a 1-year contract for the second consecutive season, his verbal post-game outburst Wednesday night in Wichita was the last straw. Though a fierce competitor on the court, West wasn’t good enough to get away with being a locker-room leper. Make that 2 suspensions, 1 Dirk Nowitzki surgery and the signing of Eddy Curry this preseason for the Mavs. Yikes.

*There are ceremonial 1st pitches in baseball, and then there is what happened Thursday night in Game 2 of the World Series. Triple amputee marine Nicholas Kimmel – with the use of two prosthetic legs – strutted to the mound before Tigers-Giants and fired a strike to home plate. My goose bumps had goose bumps.

*Talked to Lee yesterday afternoon, shortly after he got in his afternoon workout. Yep, just 2 days after learning that his season was over because of a freak injury – a Panthers player fell into his heel as he was pushing off, driving his toe into the turf – Lee was already thinking and planning for 2013. Said Lee, “I’ll be 100 percent in February.”



*The Tigers were shut out in Game 2 of the World Series after being shut out only twice during the regular season. Lost in the loss was a terrible slide at home by Prince Fielder, who was tagged out in the 2nd inning. He slid with his left, inside foot over – instead of on – home plate, making it possible to be tagged out by catcher Buster Posey.

*Since I’m tired of his yapping and his production as a Giant, I’m herby summoning Failure Jesus on the unfortunate noggin’ of Martellus Bennett. Book it, Marty B will not have an impactful game Sunday in Arlington. FJ hasn’t worked since holding Golden Tate to a single catch in a Seahawks’ loss to the Rams in Week 4. Should be rested and ready.

*Jason Garrett can get away with playing conservative and preserving field goals against Cam Newton. But not against Eli Manning. Without Lee, Tony Romo has to be unleashed to take chances and score touchdowns.

*So Stephen A. Smith can get away with “Nigga please!” on ESPN? Wow. Didn’t know we’ve become accepting of the N-word, even with a casual, slang “a” at the end. Smith, by the way, explained the incident away by saying he simply “talks too fast” for people to hear him correctly. ESPN didn’t discipline him, but did edit the word out on later airings of the interview. Weird.

*Don’t think the Giants’ Sergio Romo is related to Tony Romo, because San Francisco’s pitcher knows how to close games.

*Main reason the Giants are 3-0 in Cowboys Stadium? Eli Manning has thrown 120 passes, and been sacked just once.

*Do we sometimes make ridiculous claims on RAGE? Yes, yes we do. But while I maintain that I can out-run a hippo, my partner Greggo swears there is no visual difference between standard-definition and HD TV.

*If you’re going to the Cowboys-Redskins Thanksgiving Day game at Cowboys Stadium you’ll be treated to a halftime performance by … Kenny Chesney. I’m pretty sure. Or maybe Merle Haggard. No, it’s Chesney. Expect to see Chesney.

*If Big Tex is re-introduced at the 2013 State Fair looking basically the same, I’ll lose a bet. I figured he’d be an LED-lit robo-Tex not unlike Fox’s annoying NFL robot. I expected his arms and head to move and for him to have a giant belt buckle that displayed State Fair info. There’s something to be said about tradition, but aren’t we also ready for a 21st-Centuy Bigger Tex?

*The Cowboys losing Lee is akin to the Rangers losing Adrian Beltre and – back in ’11 – the Mavericks losing Tyson Chandler.

*In his last 5 games against the Giants Romo has thrown 13 touchdowns and 2 interceptions. In those games he is 1-4. Somehow, without Lee, he’s got to be even better.

*Giants 27, Cowboys 20. Dallas beat New York in Week 1 with 14 tackles and a forced fumble from Lee, and 131 rushing yards by DeMarco Murray. Without those two, no way they beat the hot Giants.

*This weekend? Saturday morning it’s tennis despite the Fall nip in the air and Saturday night it’s the annual voyage to Disturbathon, a scary venture with freaky folks at a secret location. Sunday it’s Cowboys-Giants at Cowboys Stadium, starting with the Official Pre-Game Show from the West Plaza at Noon on 105.3 The Fan. Don’t be stranger.

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