By Robbie Owens

DALLAS (CBS 11 NEWS) – Hurricane Sandy has disrupted travel all along the East Coast, with thousands of flights cancelled nationwide. At DFW airport today, 196 flights were cancelled. Many passengers planned ahead and simply stayed home. It’s a different set of troubles, though, when you’re trying to get home.

“My guess is Thursday morning,” says Matt Gill. Gill and five friends made their annual trek to North Texas to take in the Cowboys game over the weekend, proving there are worse things than being a Cowboys fan on this Monday. You could be a Cowboys fan with a hurricane standing between a heartbreaking loss and loved ones at home.

“I talked to my wife this morning and she said they were getting a lot of wind and rain,” says Gill. “The new flight plans tell us that we’ll be out tomorrow afternoon. I just don’t believe it.”

Michael and Eileen Donlin intended to be home in New Jersey before the hurricane hit. But, it wasn’t Mother Nature that unraveled their travel plans, it was airplane maintenance.

“The plane was loaded and then the pilot discovered cracks in the windshield,” says Donlin. So, instead of heading home, the Donlin’s Nashville flight was detoured through DFW. But, by then, the airports in the North East were already shutting down. They say family members at home are dealing with high winds, heavy rain, and some flooding. They are worried and frustrated.

“We have little grandchildren at home,” says Eileen. “And we’re worried about their safety. But, from what we’ve gone through for the past couple of days, I would rather be at home with them in the hurricane.”

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