texas baptist truck Texas Baptist Men Responding To Hurricane Sandy

The first truck pulls away from North Texas as it heads to provide relief from Hurricane Sandy in New York City (Credit: CBSDFW.com)

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – The Texas Baptist Men is sending a group of 60 volunteers to New York City to aid in the relief following Hurricane Sandy.

The group of volunteers received an official call out Thursday afternoon from the North American Mission Board and New York City.

Departing on Friday is a big State Feeding Unit, which consists of three 18-wheelers and six supporting trucks. The unit has been asked to provide upwards of 30,000 meals per day and and is expected to be out several months.

Though the team’s initial destination is New York City, volunteer Ray Gann, who will be in charge of the State Feeding Unit, is not exactly sure where the team will be located.

“We don’t know where we’re going to be, but they’ll figure that out by the time we get there,” said Gann, who mentioned the trip will take two days.  “They’re assessing those needs right now.”

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The organization has also been asked to assist with childcare coordination in the area. Additional units are preparing to leave on Saturday, including a mud-out unit and chainsaw unit.

The possibility of sending another feeding unit next week remains a possibility.

The organization indicates that individuals participating in the volunteer opportunity should expect a 14 day call-out. And though most have full-time jobs and responsibilities they are leaving behind, it’s their faith that motivates them to drop everything in this time of need.

“We are all volunteers and no one is paid. And it is a challenge when people get a call like we did yesterday at 3:30 in the afternoon to say to leave,” said Gann. “But its out of our love for the lord and his love that he’s placed in us that he’s called us to do this kind of work. Once you go and serve people if this is your calling, you get hooked. We love to go and love to serve and all of the hardship is beside the point.”

The Texas Baptist Men is a non-profit organization dedicated to a lifestyle of missions and ministry and is funded solely by donations from individuals, churches and foundations. To donate, visit TexasBaptistMen.org.

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