By Andrea Lucia
bus in bldg Bus Crashes Into Dallas Apartment Building

(credit: CBS 11 News)

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – A bus driver, a monitor, and two young students were on board a Dallas school bus, when it crashed into a south Dallas apartment complex.

“All I could hear was a big old crash, and I felt like it was coming straight through my windows,” said 14 year old Vincent Phenix, who was home, when the bus struck his building. “My heart skipped a beat, and all I could hear was the kids screaming.”

Neighbors say a young girl jumped out the back of the bus, clutching her side. A young boy followed.

Brothers, Harvey and Jacoby Skinner, say they were nearby, when they heard the collision and jumped on board to spot the driver still in her seat, where the air bag had deployed.

“She wasn’t saying anything, she was just waving her arm,” said Harvey Skinner.

The pair say they helped her out. An ambulance later transported her and the young girl to Baylor to be checked out. The young boy’s parents, meanwhile, drove him to the hospital, saying he was complaining of back pain.

The bus struck several the apartment gate and several cars as it barreled through the complex.

Hitting a brick wall, it punched a hole straight into a family’s home.

Dallas police confirm a woman and three children were inside. Officers say they were evaluated by paramedics at the scene.

“The debris and everything knocked her down and she hurt her leg,” said Christina Smith, a neighbor.

Dallas County Schools will investigate the crash, along with Dallas Police to determine the cause.

Sources at the scene suspected the brakes on the bus had failed.

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