by Jeffrey Cavanaugh

DALLAS (105.3 THE FAN) – Every day, we (Gavin, Chris, Alex and myself) trade emails throughout the day with show ideas.  Then we meet up at the studio to hash out what’s going to actually be on the show.  And pretty much Gavin pats me on the head and says “nice try junior,” Chris says “good effort, good job” and everything I sent goes to the abyss.  But NO MORE!  Now it will see the light of day on  So enjoy my Glorious Tidbit’ing.

Random Cowboy Musings

Mo Claiborne cause for concern:  Not that he got picked on and beat up, that happens to rookies, and it happens to good DB’s.  But the WAY it happened.  When you’re just grabbing jerseys and not moving your feet, that’s a sign of frustration and laziness, and RULE #1 for corners is short memory.  Got to be able to move on from play to play, and it looked like he couldn’t.  Gotta get over that and quickly.

Why Jerry Jones isn’t a great GM.  Finally figured it out.  I’m sitting in the studio, sippin’ a Cherry Coke, watching the Cowboys try to lose to Eagles with a rookie QB, and for about 2 quarters my notes were about how you need to fire the head coach, and this team is a dumpster fire, and they’re all about to quit.  Then Tony pulls a ninja maneuver and finds Miles Austin, then Dez catches a touchdown, then Dwayne Harris returns a punt to the house, then they get the defensive touchdown, and I was a happy Cowboy fan.

As a happy Cowboy fan, I would love to go in the locker room and give Dwayne Harris a hug and a bunch of money.  The problem is, that’s not football smart in a salary cap world, but Jerry is a FAN.  If you make his team do good for a while, he’ll write a big ol’ check, slap you on the butt and say good game.  But sometimes, the players that get paid aren’t worth that money, they get it because of what they’ve already done, and that hurts the team going forward.  Miles Austin ends up $2.6 billion dollars, and you have to try and survive with an offensive line of gentlemen who couldn’t make any other NFL roster.

I know I’m a little late to the Bad GM party, but the Dwayne Harris return turned on the lightbulb for me, because when it was happening I was yelling “Yes, that guy’s awesome!” and I realized, oh crap, that’s what Jerry does, except he has a checkbook in his back pocket.

Tired of sports now, on to randomness


Tonight’s Movie Buzz detailed just how awesome James Bond is, and how much money those movies make, but since I’ve never seen a Bond, I can’t partake in the awesomeness.  Enter what I do know:  Action Movie Heroes.  007 doesn’t crack the top 5 because…..well, I just told you I’ve never seen a Bond movie.  Without further ado, the 5 action movie heroes that are fantastic killing machines.  Actually, they’re not all from movies, and maybe they’re not even action heroes.  Maybe this is just the top 5 people awesome at breaking stuff.

Honorable Mention – Rambo.

5. Jason Bourne.  I feel that Bourne and the Terminator are getting shafted here, but if you’re artificially enhanced, it’s not fair.

4. Arnold.  The Terminator.  He had cool catch phrases, and he was pretty good at fighting and stuff.

3. Liam Neeson, or whatever his name was in Taken.  Yep, makes the top 3 off of just a single appearance.  When someone tells you on the phone that they’re good at finding people, and they’re going to kill you if you don’t let their daughter go, just let the daughter go!  Why there had to be a sequel I’ll never know, you should learn the first time.

2. Jack Bauer.  24 hours, it takes him 24 hours to save the world.  Every time.  In all sorts of different situations.  Can you do that?  Me neither.

1. John McClane – Sleep safely children.  As long as Bruce Willis prowls the streets, no harm will ever come to your suburbs.  Although I hear in the newest sequel he has a son.  That no one’s ever heard of.  Sign of bad parenting?  Possibly.  May have to reevaluate the list.

End Glorious Tidbit 11.13.12

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