DALLAS (105.3 THE FAN) – Today I’d like to introduce the DFW sports fan to the worst owner in pro sports, with of course a local tie-in.

Jeffrey Loria, the owner of the Miami Marlins. You might remember the Marlins won a couple of World Series using a pretty solid philosophy of trying to win for a while, then when their good players started to get expensive, they’d blow up the whole thing and start from scratch with cheap, young players. Not a bad philosophy right?

Then Loria went into awful owner mode. He tricked the city of Miami into footing the bill for a nice stadium to bring the Marlins to town, with the promise of having a competitive team, a team that would spend like everyone else in baseball, because they’d make so much money in Miami. Sounds like a great deal, until yesterday.

Yesterday Loria dug into his pocket for the only trick he knows. Trade all of your good players that make any sort of money, and in return get a bag of nothing, as long as that nothing doesn’t cost much and is young. This guy traded Josh Johnson (ace), Mark Beuhrle (very good starting pitcher) and Jose Reyes (star shortstop) and got a hot pile of flaming garbage back (ie prospects that may or not work out). Be thankful the DFW has owners that are at least making an effort to win.

Here’s the Rangers angle here: Don’t you want Jon Daniels to make a call to the Marlins in this situation? Josh Hamilton is most likely gone, the Rangers will spend that money somewhere, and I’m not sure I see a better way to do that than to give some money to Josh Johnson. He would step into the Rangers rotation as either your ace or your number two behind Darvish, and all you had to do to get him was give up prospects. Seems like a missed opportunity from here.

Oh, sidenote: The last guy left on the Marlins that’s any good at baseball is Giancarlo Stanton, and he didn’t make a secret on Twitter that he was a little upset with the fact that his team is now forfeiting the season. Word is he is not on the market, because he’s young and not super expensive, but if you’re the Rangers, you whisper the word Profar into the phone to see if that changes their mind. Stanton can replace Josh Hamilton. How many people in baseball can you say that about?

PS – Keep an eye on this Blue Jays situation, they have 4 catchers now, and the Rangers have zero.

Non sports moment:

Saw a report today that fast food breakfast sandwiches are unhealthy, very unhealthy, dangerous to humans unhealthy. That just means I’m going to have to die early, because a lot of those sandwiches are delicious.

End Glorious Tidbit 11.14.12

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